Draft EIR Documents

TOC: Table of Contents
Section ES: Executive SummaryES-1
Section 1.0: Introduction and Purpose1-1
Section 2.0: Project Description2-1
Section 3.0: Basis of Cumulative Analysis3-1
Section 4.0: Environmental Analysis4-1
4.2Air Quality4.2-1
4.3Biological Resources4.3-1
4.4Cultural Resources4.4-1
4.5Geology and Soils4.5-1
4.6Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change4.6-1
4.7Hazards and Hazardous Materials4.7-1
4.8Hydrology and Water Quality4.8-1
4.9Land Use and Planning4.9-1
4.11Population and Housing4.11-1
4.12Fire Protection4.12-1
4.13Police Protection4.13-1
4.14School Facilities4.14-1
4.15Libraries and Public Health4.15-1
4.16Parks and Recreation4.16-1
4.17Traffic and Transportation4.17-1
4.20Solid Waste4.20-1
4.21Dry Utilities4.21-1
Section 5.0: Other CEQA Considerations5-1
Section 6.0: Alternatives to the Proposed Project6-1
Section 7.0: Effects Found Not To Be Significant7-1
Section 8.0: Organizations and Persons Consulted8-1
Section 9.0: List of Preparers9-1
Section 10.0: Appendices
10.1Notice of Preparation and NOP Comment Letters
10.2Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data
10.3Biological Resources Reports and Peer Reviews
10.4Archaeological Survey
10.5Geotechnical Assessments and Peer Reviews
10.6Hydrology and Water Quality Technical Studies
10.7Noise Data
10.8Traffic Impact Analysis Data
10.9Water Studies
10.10Sewer Studies
10.11Public Service Correspondence