Monterey Downs and Horse Park and Central Coast Veterans' Cemetery Specific Plan



Contact: Teri Wissler Adam, Seaside Contract Project Manager
Mailing Address: 440 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside, CA 93955
Telephone: 831.649.1799 ext. 203

Amended Notice of Availability (public review period on the Draft EIR is extended to June 19, 2015)

Notice of Completion and Notice of Availability of a Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report and
Notice of Public Workshop and Public Hearing

Draft Specific Plan

Draft EIR

Comments on Draft EIR (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 5)

Final EIR

The specific plan envisions a mixed-use village. In summary, it would include 400 multi-family homes including student apartments on approximately 19 acres; 880 single-family homes including 26 detached courtyard homes on approximately 130 acres; 535,000 square feet of retail and commercial uses including two 200-room hotels on approximately 51 acres; an equestrian park on approximately 111 acres; an outdoor equestrian training/race track, indoor 6,500-seat sports arena, and 256 worker lodging units on approximately 139 acres; the Veterans Cemetery with ancillary parcels on approximately 135 acres; public facilities including a City corporation yard and fire station on approximately 20 acres; approximately 34 acres of internal streets; and the 73-acre Oak Oval open space/habitat reserve.

The project applicant may seek approval from the California Horse Racing Board for a certain number of dates to operate short, horse race meets. However, the timing and number of meets, as well as the number of days of each horse race meet are highly regulated and limited by the State of California. It is unknown whether, when, and to what extent, permission to operate a meet would be granted. The California Horse Racing Board is the state agency that regulates horse racing in California.

The Central Coast Veterans Cemetery component of the project includes 13,838 burial sites for twenty years of internments, an administration building, a maintenance yard and building, memorial areas, veterans’ hall, cultural history museum, chapel, and a 300-seat amphitheater for special events. An adjacent 45.9-acre parcel is proposed as a habitat restoration area. Phase 1 of the cemetery is currently under construction.

The proposed project includes amending the City’s sphere of influence boundary, and annexation of those portions of the project site currently located in unincorporated Monterey County to the City of Seaside.

The City of Seaside has received, and is processing, the following applications: Specific Plan, Sphere of Influence Amendment, Prezoning and Annexation, General Plan and Zoning Amendments, and a Master Tentative Map and Vesting Tentative Map. The City has prepared an environmental impact report, pursuant to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act.

City Council Public Hearing (Date: 10/13/16 )

Supplement to the City Council package

Staff Presentation

Applicant Presentation

City Council Study Session (Date: 9/29/16 – 7:00 PM)

Staff Presentation

EIR Consultant Presentation

Applicant Presentation

Planning Commission Meeting (Date: 9/7/16 – 6:00 PM)

City Staff Presentation

Applicant Presentation

City Council/Planning Commission/Board of Architectural Review
Joint Special Meeting - Monterey Downs
(Date: 4/30/2015 - 6:00 PM)

Monterey Downs Presentation #1 - Staff Presentation

Monterey Downs Presentation #2 - Applicant Presentation

Monterey Downs Presentation #3 - EIR Consultant Presentation

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