Project Related Documents

Meeting Notices

Open Houses and Scoping Meeting Notice English

Open Houses and Scoping Meeting Notice Spanish

Project Related Documents


Application for General Plan and Zoning Amendment

Application for Planning Area Amendment, Sphere of Influence Amendment, Prezoning, and Annexation

Application for Specific Plan

Tentative Subdivision Map Application


Monterey Downs Land Use Spreadsheet 7-31-2012

Monterey Downs Project Description 7-16-2012

Proposed GPA Text

Property Information

10-1003-Legal Description-Exhibit A

10-1003-Legal Description-Exhibit B Sht 1-4

APN Maps

SP and Annexation Ownership Information

Application Maps

Existing Jurisdictional Boundary Exhibit

Proposed Jurisdictional Boundary Exhibit

Aerial Photo and Boundary

ESCA Clean Up

Existing Land Use County

Existing Land Use FORA

Existing Land Use Seaside

FORA CIP Projects

Habitat Management Plan

Proposed Land Use Map

Properties Within 300 ft

Vicinity Map

Survey and Boundary

City Council Staff Reports and Presentations as of February 2012

Project Update - August 2, 2012

Memorandum of Understanding - September 20, 2012

Community Outreach Program Update - September 20, 2012